About MVI

Market Ventures, Inc. is a specialty urban planning and economic development firm that assists public, non-profit, and for-profit clients with planning, creating, and managing innovative food-based projects and programs. We have particular expertise in public markets and farmers' markets, where we blend cutting edge business practices with a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the unique challenges facing local farmers and small businesses.

Founded in 1996, Market Ventures stands apart from other firms because we are both experienced consultants and hands-on developers and operators. As consultants, we produce accurate, independent analysis and recommendations tailored to meet the individual needs and circumstances of our clients. Our extensive national experience provides a wealth of information about what works and what does not. We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality reports and presentations based on solid quantitative and qualitative research to help our clients make the best decisions.

As developers, we know the pressures of getting projects implemented in the real world. We understand day-to-day operations because we have been market managers and retailers. Our experience - on projects with development budgets ranging from thousands of dollars to millions - offers a healthy dose of practicality to our consulting efforts.

Market Ventures provides the following consulting and development services:


Concept Development

Feasibility Analysis

Market research

Site analysis & selection


Pro forma analysis

Customer & Vendor Surveys
& Focus Groups

Operating Review & Management Planning

Development oversight


Management & Vendor Training

Program Evaluation

MVI works in collaboration with local architects, engineers, planners and others, as necessary, to create teams that combine national expertise with local knowledge.

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