Utilizing its analytic and research capabilities along with its ability to lead teams of professionals, Market Ventures, Inc. conducts program evaluations, with particular focus on collaborations in the food sector. The firm utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

New York City Food & Fitness Partnership – Evaluation, New York, NY (2007-2008)
nyc-food-fitnessMarket Ventures, Inc. served as the Lead Evaluator of the NYC Food & Fitness Partnership, a broad-based consortium of government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses that is working to improve access to healthy food and active living in New York City, particularly in low-income communities suffering the highest rates of obesity and related diseases. As one of nine collaboratives nationally funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Partnership is developing a long range strategic plan that will promote projects and policies aimed at increasing New Yorkers’ access to healthy foods (particularly those grown or produced in the region) and improving the built environment to encourage more physical activity. MVI conducted a process evaluation of the planning stage, helped to develop outcome measures for the multiyear implementation period, and participated in the national evaluation.

SchoolFood Plus Initiative Program Evaluation,
New York, New York (2004-2007)

foodchangeMarket Ventures, Inc., in partnership with Karp Resources and the Center for Health & Public Service Research at New York University, conducted an extensive formative and outcome evaluation of the SchoolFood Plus Initiative, a collaborative, multi-agency effort led by the nonprofit FoodChange to improve the eating habits, health and academic performance of New York City public schoolchildren. With funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, tInterview-with-kids-2-Alysonhe Initiative links school meal reforms by the NYC Department of Education with food, science and culinary education; increased physical activity; youth, community and civic engagement; and procurement of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

The evaluation analyzed the impact of the Initiative’s many elements and examined the coalition development process, as well as provided regular feedback to program developers over a three year period. In 2004, Market Ventures and its team commenced the evaluation process via the collection of background information and baseline data, initial interviews, and development of innovative strategies for testing both student choice of vegetable-based recipes and their consumption of these recipes, as well as their knowledge, attitudes, and behavior about food. Outcome evaluation commenced in Fall 2005, with before/after intervention analyzed over the next two school years. The evaluation team is also assisted the project partners develop the local procurement aspects of the Initiative, linking the Department of Education’s distributors with potential local sources of fresh foods in New York State.

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